Contact Vegard

Hi there,

Using the contact form below, you can send me a message. Before you do that, here’s something you need to know before contacting me:

  1. I’m not interested in your opinion. If you’re writing to me to complain about something I’ve said, written or done, save the effort. If you think you have factual corrections to something I’ve published (like my books, blog posts or emails), make sure to 1) give me a clear understanding of what you think needs correction or clarification and 2) back it up with facts.
  2. I do not take phone calls without a prior appointment, so there’s no phone number here. If you want to work with me, the only way of doing that is by going through my qualification process, which starts with you sending me a message describing what you do and what you need help with.
  3. If you’re here for free advice or the best price, you’re in the wrong place. I understand if you have a ton of questions about working with me; if that’s the case I’ll happily answer. However, I will not give free advice that other clients are paying for. It’s not fair on them (or me). If you’re on a budget, start by getting one of my books (or some other books). Drop me a line in the contact form below and I’ll make some recommendations on where to start.
  4. Threats, insults, veiled or otherwise, will make you famous. You have been warned. Think twice.

These rules probably come across as strict and unusual. And you’d be right, because they are. Despite the rules I am (believe it or not) actually a nice guy, and I aim for responding to all inquiries as long as they’re authentic, follow the rules above and so on. The bottom line, I guess, is: don’t waste my (or your) time.

All right, if you’ve read this far without being put off, here’s the contact form: